Best Epilator Reviews and Comparison Chart

We reviewed the 5 most popular, highest rated epilators currently availabe in the UK. Read our consumer feedback based reviews to see if these items could be for you.
Product ImageConsumer Ratings / Product Features
Braun Silk-épil 7 7871 epilator reviewsBraun Silk-épil 7 7871 Epilator

Consumer Ratings: 4.5 stars

• Wet and Dry
• Pivoting head
• Removes up to 80% of hairs from the root
• Venus Technology
• Cordless and corded operation

Best Deal Found: 38% Off

Braun Silk-épil Xpressive ReviewsBraun Silk-épil Xpressive Pro Wet & Dry Epilator

Consumer Ratings: 4.5 stars

• Close Grip Technology
• Pivoting heads
• Included trimmer for bikini area
• Narrow epilation cap for bikini line and eyebrows
• Whole body is washable

Best Deal Found: 45% Off

Remington EP6030 Epilator ReviewRemington EP6030 3-in-1 Epilator

Consumer Ratings: 4.5 stars

• 3 in 1 function
• Dual speed settings
• BodyCurve system
• SkinGlide system
• Two year warranty
Philips HP6509 Epilator reviewsPhilips HP6509 Satinelle Total Body Epilator

Consumer Ratings: 4.0 stars

• Adjustable two-speed setting
• Flexible shaving head
• Dry use only
• Washable head
• Easy to clean

Best Deal Found: 58% Off

Philips HP6578 epilator set reviewsPhilips HP6578 Satin Epilator Set

Consumer Ratings: 4.0 stars

• Ergonomic design
• Pivoting head
• Active massage
• Skin stretcher
• 2 year guarantee

Best Deal Found: 35% Off

Best Epilator Reviews – Epilator Buying Guide

There is no doubt that using wax for hair removal is painful; many people all over the UK are discovering the benefits of the best epilator when it comes to removing unwanted hair with the added bonus of being completely pain free. There are other great advantages to such products when it comes to skin care, shaving will remove a layer of skin which can lead to irritation, scratch marks or even breaking skin to the point of bleeding. There are hundreds of product reviews on the internet which can confuse and provide conflicting information which is why this guide will provide you all the information you will need when it comes to selecting the best epilator.

Key Benefits To The Best Epilator

Braun's best epilatorIn this section we will be covering the benefits of the best epilator and why thousands of people all around the UK are adopting this technology as opposed to conventional hair removal methods. As you will see these products will provide you a very easy and painless hair removal solution as well as providing you with extra benefits along the way. Many medical professionals are certainly recommending these products in official health publications as opposed to traditional shaving or waxing as those can lead to skin damage and when used long-term can permanently damage skin making it very uneven and rough to touch.

The first advantage worth reporting is that it is gentle on all types of skin, almost all women who try the best epilator for them will certainly notice that skin feel so much more smoother and less painful to touch as opposed to more traditional methods. There is a common myth that using these products is painful, if you ever taken the time to read many consumer epilator reviews then you will certainly notice that many people compliment them on there ease-of-use and being the perfect replacement for older actions such as waxing.

Next is that skin will be smooth and will last a lot longer as opposed to shaving, when individuals shave they will notice that the area will feel painful to touch with hair follicles still sticking through the skin. In rare cases skin can actually get infected or hair can become ingrown giving a very unappealing look to the area. When using the best epilator hair removal will last a lot longer as device will grapple onto the hair and remove it painlessly, the hair removed will be gone for a total of four weeks. Once again this can be confirmed by reading the epilator reviews which many people will recommend based on the smoothness after using.

This last point is a benefit offered which not many people really know about. The design will help make tans last longer which is certainly suitable for those who are just come back from holiday and want to keep their healthy glow. Shaving and waxing will remove the top wave of skin which in turn will remove any tan present. Purchasing the best epilator will of course allow you to remove hair without damaging the skin in turn this will make tans last the considerable amount of time, many epilator reviews from holiday makers will confirm these products will help maintain a tan when removing unwanted hair.

What To Consider From The Manufacturer Epilator Reviews

Philips epilator reviewsAs with any technical product, the manufacturer will offer a number of brief epilator reviews to give the consumer an insight into what the product can offer them. Unfortunately when it comes to purchasing the best epilator many people find the technical terms rather overwhelming and epilator reviews unclear which is why we have created this section to break down all of the technical terms that you need to know so that you can select the most ideal product for you.

In almost all manufacturer description you will find that they talk about wet and dry features, what this means is that a wet item is safe to be used in a bath or a shower which has the added benefit of providing women with much smoother looking skin. In modern technology you will find that many of the best epilator designs will of course be able to be used in a wet or dry environment meaning that they can be used on both wet skin and dry skin. As a general point for the very best results you should consider using the product in the bath or shower as many epilator reviews online claim consumers see better results.

A pivoting head according to many reports is often desirable by many of the users, what this will provide is a product that will certainly help you with those hard to reach places. This will also allow the product pivot around your body so that it is much gentler on skin.

If you would like to use the item on more private areas such as under arms or gentle areas then you will want to look for a product where the epilator reviews or description mentions an interchangeable accessories head. These items will come with interchangeable parts which can be swapped out for a variety of areas.

Finally there is a massage roller that can be built into some of the best epilator makes, many of the manufacturer epilator reviews will place this in their description as a huge selling point. This is mainly designed for those that find the experience rather uncomfortable and the product has features built into it that will massage the area while being used and as a result will make the whole experience much more bearable and less painful.

Tips To Get Great Results From The Best Epilator Reviews

When you have decided on the best epilator for your needs, then no doubt you will be wanting to know how you can get fantastic results from your product. Based on some of the top epilator reviews from health professionals, stylists and experienced home users there are a few key areas that should be considered in order to get the most out of your product.

The first tip is to avoid creams where possible, this will come as a surprise to many people but when using the best epilator it is not suitable to be used with any cream types. This will not necessarily damage your skin or cause any discomfort, however what it will do is make the hair more difficult for the tweezers to grip providing a poor end result, many epilator reviews and manuals advice using the product without any cream for this reason.

Secondly is advised to rub your hair in the area that you would like to remove the hair from, by rubbing the area you will make your hair stand on end which will allow the tweezers to get a much firmer grip on the hair and providing you with the best results possible. Many epilator reviews confirm this to be a very easy but effective action to take before attempting hair removal.

Finally epilator reviews recommend that you use the products against the hairline, what this means is you will take the best epilator that you have chosen and run it against the direction your hair grows. This is where a product with a pivoting head will certainly make all the difference for those difficult to reach places.

The Best Epilator Manufacturers Based On Epilator Reviews

There are many manufacturers who are developing some of the best epilator products on the UK market and receive consistent positive epilator reviews from happy buyers, but with so many manufacturers it’s often difficult to really narrow down who will provide you the best value for money. So we have inspected the best epilator reviews from top websites that allow consumers to provide their views on the products, from here we have narrowed down two of the top manufacturers who have produced the best epilator products, we recommend these manufacturers when it comes to buying the product.

The first manufacturer that we found to provide some of the most complete products has to be Braun with its massive selection. The company behind these items has been trading for a considerable number of years and constantly refined their design depending on the feedback from consumers which has allowed a complete product with many people provide top marks, this also includes professional bodies and stylists who work in the care industry.

Following close behind is Phillips, while their selection aren’t necessarily as large as Braun the technology giant has certainly had many years experience when it comes to product development and reliability. From the epilator reviews we have seen from their line of products we can certainly say that some of the best designs have been crafted by this company.

Summary Of Buying The Best Epilator

As you can see from this guide it does not have to be a difficult process when selecting the best epilator for your needs. Always keep in mind what each technical specification means and follow our recommended manufacturers list, some of the best ways to get information about the product is to refer to the epilator reviews provided by consumers this will often be due to the best epilator for your requirements.